XCLUSIVERSE Announces Upcoming Mixed Reality Event – Extend The Unlimited


With the rise of the Metaverse, it can sometimes feel like you need to choose between the virtual and material worlds. But XCLUSIVERSE, a dynamic web3 project, is giving its users the best of both worlds with its ‘Extend the Unlimited’ event. Organisers hope the event will become one of history’s largest mixed-reality live meetups! 

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Event Details

The remarkable event will be held simultaneously in the Metaverse and the material world. The physical event will be located in Dubai on December 5, 2022, and will feature a plethora of cross-world compatible activities. Participants can expect epic speeches, music, and the launch XCLUSIVERSE’s anticipated new utility NFT collection, The 300.

To attend the event, users need to set up a free account with XCLUSIVERSE. Once done, they can participate in various activities and interact with live users through what XCLUSIVERSE calls portals. These portals are areas in the Metaverse that feature screens through which users in the Metaverse can interact with those in the material world and vice versa. They are quite literally portals to another dimension! 

During the event, participants can bid on The Settlers, the first 2000 NFTs of The 300 utility NFT collection. There are four categories within this collection, the rarest being the ultra-rare Ambassadors, which will be up for auction, and the others can be minted by users on demand. All 2000 NFTs will eventually become wearable items within the Metaverse. 

Beyond this event, XCLUSIVERSE intends to offer the whole Metaverse experience to its users. VR can access its marketplace and its ecosystem through the web and its complete Web3 integration, and a mobile version is also well on the way. 

Extend The Unlimited will be a fantastic come-together for innovative, future-thinking people to mingle and explore the Metaverse in the proper Web3 style. They’ll meet key industry opinion leaders and influencers, but most importantly, they’ll have fun & explore the XCLUSIVERSE with their friends. 

Sign up for the Extend The Unlimited event >>> Here

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