US Congress' FILTHY Oil Secret – (Strategic Petroleum Reserve SPR) – Investors Beware


Hundreds of millions of barrels of oil sit in US storage tanks, but are they really the cure for lower prices? As an investor, you need to know why.

Everyone wants a magic bullet.

Especially when there’s a monster around – and anyone who’s filled up their car has seen what’s lurking behind the pump…

What happens when the average price of a gallon of gas tops $5?

The United States Petroleum Reserve, aka the ‘SPR’, holds hundreds of millions of barrels of crude oil in case of an emergency.

With sky-high prices at the pump, this begs the question where’s the SPR? Why not open it up?

That’s a good question. But in fact, the SPR taps have already been opened.

Over 129 million barrels of oil have been released from the SPR over the past 12 months.

3 CRITICAL Facts Investors Must Know About the SPR… watch to find out.

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