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Upland Pre-Sale Begins for Metaverse (MV) Motors Cars



NEW YORK–()–Upland, the largest metaverse platform mapped to the real world, today announced the pre-sale of four car models: Series 1 R (Coupe); Series V E (Van); Series 4 R (SUV); and Series S E (Semi Truck). Players can pre-purchase cars here.

The pre-sale comes a week after the launch of Metaverse Motors (“MV Motors”), a native car brand for the Upland metaverse that will be introduced with its flagship showroom in Santa Clara, CA.

With MV Motors, players will be able to race, design, manufacture, and trade their vehicles, which will have a wide variety of uses across the Upland ecosystem and create an entire new economy. Leveraging their portfolio of NFT cars, players can earn additional money through activities such as transporting cargo, ridesharing, racing through the open cities of Upland, and more.

MV Motors features:

  • DRIVE Cars will be used as a means of transportation both between cities and within cities in Upland. Much like the real world, some cities in Upland will only be accessible via cars.
  • RIDESHARE AND TRANSPORTATION – Players will now be able to connect while they travel together to other cities in Upland. Ridesharing will also support a growing services economy with the ability to transport cargo of any kind within Upland cities.
  • RACING – Racing will be the first fully immersive Unity-based experience in the Upland metaverse, allowing players to compete with each other in Upland-built and player-generated races. Players can optimize both car and driver NFT traits to supercharge performance and dominate the competition.
  • METAVENTURES The MV Motors economy will be powered by the players, allowing them to operate a variety of new Metaventures (user-owned shops) such as showrooms (dealerships), body shops, racing academies, and more.
  • ENTERPRISE – Real world car brands and car enthusiasts now have a natural entry point to bring the automotive industry into the metaverse. The rapidly growing digital goods economy is the next step in connecting brands with their communities. A hotbed for web3 innovation, Upland is the perfect place for players to extend their presence into the digital world.

To learn more about MV Motors and this groundbreaking pre-sale, visit the official website here and join the conversation.


Upland ( is a platform for the metaverse mapped to the real world. The company’s mission is to build community through a strong entrepreneur economy that allows players, developers, and brands to manufacture goods and experiences, monetize assets, and build utility into NFTs through fun earn-based activities. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with hubs in Las Vegas, Ukraine, and Brazil, Upland was named among Fast Company’s “Next Big Things in Tech” in 2021 and one of “22 San Francisco Startups To Watch in 2022” by Built In SF. Upland is committed to becoming carbon negative and is a proud partner of Carbonfuture. For more information about our sustainability commitment visit Upland is available on iOS, Android and the Web, and can be played from anywhere in the world.

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KPMG enters the metaverse, invests $30M in Web3 employee training



KPMG, one of the Big Four accounting firms in Canada and the United States, has revealed the opening of its first metaverse collaboration hub to help its employees and clients pursue growth opportunities in the digital era.

KPMG is entering the metaverse with a new collaboration hub that will connect employees, clients and others with Web3. The company is making a collective $30 million investment this year in Web3 experiences, with the metaverse hub as the “signature piece.”

According to a Tuesday report by Fortune, the hub will be focused on education, collaboration, training, events and workshops with Cliff Justice, KPMG U.S. leader of enterprise innovation claiming that it is presently being utilized for such things but that KPMG intends to hire people to build it and expand it over time.

The long-term objective for the company is to examine other potential metaverse use cases such as health care, consumer, retail, media and financial services.

Laura Newinski, deputy chair and chief operating officer at KPMG in the U.S., said:

“The metaverse is a market opportunity, a way to re-engage talent, and a path to connect people across the globe through a new collaborative experience.”

The companies will continue to explore possibilities in the crypto and Web 3.0 space, co-create new tools and solutions that provide critical insights, launch immersive learning and development platforms, recruit talent to contribute knowledge and help navigate the changing confluence of the physical and digital worlds, among other things, as part of its innovation strategy.

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The COVID-19 epidemic sparked people’s interest in the metaverse. There has been an increase in the desire for methods to make internet contact more lifelike as more individuals work and go to school online. JPMorgan, one of the biggest banks in the United States, made headlines earlier this year by publishing a paper suggesting metaverse technology was a “one trillion-dollar opportunity,” along with establishing its own virtual headquarters in the Decentraland (MANA) metaverse.