Uncovering The Hidden Fees In Your Investments | Retirement Smarts with Thomas Marshall


Alarming Fact ⏰ Most people are paying entirely way too much in fees for their investment accounts.

No one likes paying fees and there are some dirty little secrets I want to share with you about some fees you might not even know you are paying.

Find out what they are in this episode of Retirement Smarts.

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Lowering your fees is just one way we help you to become “Retirement Smart”


About Thomas Marshall

A well-known financial educator, Thomas P. Marshall is President of Virginia Estate and Retirement Planning Advisors, Inc., an independent, fee-based financial planning and investment advisory firm. His expertise is helping retirees and those soon to retire avoid common, costly financial mistakes. Tom has advised over 800 retirees and pre-retirees, including past employees of the U.S. Government, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, DuPont, CSX Corporation, Dominion Resources, Capital One Financial Corporation, and many others. He has been assisting investors for over 20 years.

Tom is the former Chief Investment Officer of Gradient Investments, where he pioneered the use of tactical asset allocation based on economic cycles. Tom has also served as investment manager at Hickory Venture Capital, a $200 million venture capital and private equity fund.

Tom earned his Master of Business Administration degree from Vanderbilt University and graduated with Distinction from the Virginia Military Institute where he was commissioned in the United States Army, Corps of Engineers. Tom is also a graduate of the Venture Capital Institute.

Tom is also an ordained minister and currently serves in an advisory capacity to several overseas charities including Channel of Blessing, a 501(c)3 non-profit, dedicated to Christian education, pastoral training, alleviation of poverty, and women’s rights in India. Tom holds a Master of Divinity degree from Virginia Union University.

Tom has lectured widely on financial topics and is a former lecturer at Vanderbilt University and the University of Richmond. He is also the author of “Retirement Smarts: Plan Well, Retire Well”, an easy to read retirement planning guide available on Amazon.com. Tom and his wife Cassie have two sons and live in Richmond.


Why Work with Virginia Estate and Retirement Planning Advisors?

As an investor, you can go anywhere for financial advice. Wall Street brokerages, giant insurance companies, and online discount brokers are vying for your business. But what type of firm should you trust? At Virginia Estate and Retirement Planning Advisors, Inc., we embrace our role as a fiduciary, a responsibility that means we must always act with your best interest in mind.


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