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Metaverse Purchases Premium Waterfront Real Estate in the Somnium Space Metaverse



TORONTO–()– Corp. (NEO Exchange Canada: COIN) (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: 76M) (OTCQB US: SMURF) (“” or the “Company”), a publicly-traded company that invests in crypto assets linked to the Metaverse, Decentralized Finance (“DeFi”), Non-Fungible Tokens (“NFTs”) and Play-to-Earn Gaming (“P2E”), is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Metaverse Group, has purchased four extra large premium virtual waterfront parcels in the Somnium Space metaverse.

The premium waterfront parcels diversify Metaverse Group’s eight-figure real estate portfolio across several metaverses. The virtual real estate provides new opportunities for brands to connect with new audiences and showcase their ecommerce offerings in the metaverse. Metaverse Group’s additional parcel purchases continue to solidify its position as leading metaverse real estate owners and developers.

“We are diversifying our virtual land holdings to make navigating the metaverse more accessible to brands beginning or expanding their metaverse marketing strategies,” commented CEO, Andrew Kiguel. “In addition, we are working to democratize all Web3 assets, making them available to the public in liquid form through our publicly traded shares. continues to be one of the only publicly traded companies offering such an extensive and diverse portfolio of crypto assets including the metaverse, P2E Gaming, NFTs, DeFi and staking.”

Metaverse Group’s newly acquired premium parcels were strategically chosen due to their high retail value, given that they are positioned on exclusive waterfront. Much like property in the physical world, virtual lots that are positioned near water hold a higher value than those inland. Metaverse Group owns a total of 11 parcels positioned on waterfront and inland equivalent to 18,000 sq feet purchased for 58,000 CUBE, the Somnium Space native currency. Parties interested in virtual land parcels can contact

Somnium Space is a virtual reality (VR) world built on the Ethereum blockchain. An open-source platform, Somnium Space allows users to buy digital land, homes, buildings, and myriad in-game assets of value in its online multiverse. Somnium space is compatible with Oculus Quest, a virtual reality headset. Somnium Space gained significant attention in 2021 when Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss joined the project as official advisors and made an investment through the Gemini Frontier Fund.

About Corp is a publicly traded Web3 company that owns an inventory of Metaverse, P2E, DeFi and NFT based digital assets. is the majority owner of Metaverse Group, one of the world’s first virtual real estate companies. Hulk Labs, a wholly-owned subsidiary, focuses on investing in Play-to-Earn revenue generating gaming tokens and NFTs. Additionally, owns and skates crypto assets to earn additional tokens. Through its growing digital assets and NFTs, provides public market investors with a simple and secure way to gain exposure to Web3.

For further information please visit

Keep up-to-date on developments and join our online communities at Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

About Metaverse Group

The Metaverse Group is a vertically integrated NFT based metaverse real estate company. The group, with its global headquarters in Decentraland’s Crypto Valley, also owns an eight figure real estate portfolio across many leading virtual worlds. The company intends to continue to purchase, develop and rent out its portfolio of real estate assets., a publicly- traded company, is the majority owner of Metaverse Group.

For further information please visit

This news release includes certain forward-looking statements as well as management’s objectives, strategies, beliefs and intentions. Forward looking statements are frequently identified by such words as “may”, “will”, “plan”, “expect”, “anticipate”, “estimate”, “intend” and similar words referring to future events and results. Forward-looking statements are based on the current opinions and expectations of management. All forward-looking information is inherently uncertain and subject to a variety of assumptions, risks and uncertainties, including the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies, as described in more detail in our securities filings available at Actual events or results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements and we caution against placing undue reliance thereon. We assume no obligation to revise or update these forward-looking statements except as required by applicable law.

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Metaverse & AR/VR creation platform for kids



Over the past 6 months, Hatch Kids has grown organically to 1.1M+ users across 150 countries via school, government, and ed-tech partnerships, with 75% of users coming from US and Canada. Other top geographies include UK, Australia, and India. Students have created 3.6M+ projects on the platform to date.

Speaking about Hatch’s vision, Camp K12’s co-founder and CEO, Anshul Bhagi, said “There are 100m+ kid coders out there today using a variety of free coding platforms to learn coding by building games and apps. These platforms are incredibly effective and they set the stage for the kids coding movement back in 2007, however the vast majority of them are restricted to 2D project creation, built for the age of smartphones and flat screens. As technologies like AR and VR go mainstream, we need to upgrade the tools that kids learn on and that educators teach on for modern-day use cases and content formats. We built Hatch as a kids coding platform for the age of the Metaverse. We want to give 100m+ young kids their first AR/VR creation experience and the self-confidence to be builders in the inevitable Mixed Reality future rather than passive consumers of it.”

The platform is being used today by governments (including the Government of Delhi, in India), and 100s of schools and ed-techs across the globe. In December, Hatch Kids was featured on as an “Hour of Code” activity and today has grown to be the #1 most popular activity for students from Grades 6-8 and the #3 most popular activity overall in the “Hour of Code” ecosystem.

The team expects 2M+ MAUs by December 2022, powered by both direct-to-student consumption, as well as partnerships with 1500+ schools, ed-tech, and additional government bodies worldwide by year end.

About Hatch Kids:

Hatch Kids is a free online creation platform for kids that makes it possible for students spanning ages 6 to 18 to create 3D, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Metaverse experiences with ease, in an age where kids are captivated by 3D games like Roblox and Minecraft and yet the mainstream kids coding platforms are still restricted to 2D project creation.

Hatch Kids supports all K-12 age groups and experience levels. Younger students and first-time coders can create using a visual, blocks-based programming environment similar to that of MIT Scratch, while older or more experienced students can create advanced 3D applications using JavaScript. Students can instantly publish and share their creations to millions of supported devices including iPads, smartphones, professional VR headsets, laptops & desktops via a simple QR code scan or a link share.

Educators, organizations, and parents can use Hatch Kids to teach Coding and other STEM subjects to kids in the most immersive manner (kids learn best when they are engaged, and nothing is more engaging for a child than the act of creating 3D worlds he/she can walk around in and share with friends). Hatch Kids is iPad and Chromebook compatible for use in schools.

About Camp K12:

Camp K12 is a global online school for 21st century skills, teaching Coding and other STEM topics to kids aged 5-18 via LIVE, interactive, gamified online sessions that work 10x better than status quo. The company has raised $16M to date, led by Elevation Capital and Matrix Partners India, and serves 400k+ students across North America, Middle East, India, and South East Asia.

About the Creators

Anshul, Camp K12’s co-founder and CEO, has been passionate about building kids programming tools and making programming easy and fun for kids for over a decade. He studied computer science at MIT, has previously done development roles at companies like Google and Microsoft, and was part of the team at MIT that developed “MIT AppInventor” a free online platform that gave kids the power to design, code, and publish Mobile Apps to smartphones without any prior experience.

AppInventor today is used by 13M+ students worldwide, and in the age of Smartphone development, was the first platform to make mobile app creation accessible to children. Anshul is hoping to repeat that feat for the age of Metaverse and AR/VR today with the creation of Hatch Kids.


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Gushers Drops One-Of-A-Kind Designer Sneaker Available Exclusively in the Metaverse



MINNEAPOLIS–()–Gushers is bringing fans a new way to show off their love of their favorite snack with a limited-edition, hand designed sneaker inspired by the color and creativity of Gushers—available exclusively through the metaverse.

Sneakerheads can try out the virtual shoe as they explore the metaverse at ComplexLand, a shoppable, virtual destination by Complex from May 25-27. Within the digital experience, Gushers will send fans on a “Sole Quest” to find a special code. Those who successfully find a winning code can outfit their virtual avatar in the Gushers sneaker and unlock their chance to win a pair of the exclusive kicks in real life.

“We wanted to give Gusher fans a new way to express themselves and their creativity with a sneaker that only Gushers could inspire,” said Stephanie Lensing, brand experience manager at General Mills.

Hand-designed by the Italy-based design studio RAL7000STUDIO, the new sneaker was created to embrace the unique colors, flavor and unexpected gush that only Gushers can deliver. Each pair of the high-top sneaker features:

  • A colorful Gushers gem-shaped mold filled with Gushers liquid on both sides of the shoes
  • A removable and transparent Gushers splash patch, also filled with Gushers liquid, that attaches over the laces
  • A rainbow outsole inspired by Gushers’ colors
  • A bottom sole featuring the Gushers logo on the right foot and the words “Let Your Sole Out” on the left to inspire self-expression from fans

“Our mission at RAL7000STUDIO is to push the design boundaries within footwear, so we were really excited about this partnership with Gushers and the opportunity to further explore our own design possibilities,” said Marco Simonetti, designer and co-founder of RAL7000STUDIO. “We were inspired by the iconic aesthetic of the brand – so creative and colorful. Together, we used new design techniques to replicate the iconic gush and developed custom colors on beautiful Italian leathers to create the shoe. It’s been exciting to see the final sneaker come to life and to take Gushers beyond a snack to a lifestyle.”

Head to ComplexLand for a chance to grab the sneakers and follow Gushers on Instagram and Twitter for more exciting content.

About General Mills

General Mills makes food the world loves. The company is guided by its Accelerate strategy to drive shareholder value by boldly building its brands, relentlessly innovating, unleashing its scale and being a force for good. Its portfolio of beloved brands includes household names such as Cheerios, Nature Valley, Blue Buffalo, Häagen-Dazs, Old El Paso, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Yoplait, Annie’s, Wanchai Ferry, Yoki and more. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, General Mills generated fiscal 2021 net sales of U.S. $18.1 billion. In addition, the company’s share of non-consolidated joint venture net sales totaled U.S. $1.1 billion.


RAL7000STUDIO is an Italy-based design studio made up of a collective of footwear designers. The Gushers sneaker was made in collaboration with the designers across the studio including Marco Simonetti, Michael Cutini, Mattias Gollin, Agata Panucci, Paolo Properzi and Francesco Pierbattist.

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Advance & Subnation Announce the First Annual “Mews” Celebrating the Creators, Companies and Communities Building the Metaverse



Hosted in Monaco during Metaverse Entertainment World, the Awards elevate the new tools and technology that are transforming how we work, play and interact with others

MONTE-CARLO, Monaco, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Advance Monaco, in partnership with Touchcast and Subnation, announced today that the MEWS, the first-of-its-kind Award Show and Gala, will be held at the inaugural Monaco Edition of Meta Entertainment World. From the Cannes Film Festival and amfAR Gala to the Monaco Grand Prix, the eyes of the world are upon the Principality of Monaco every May. The Meta Entertainment World Awards will join this illustrious line-up of global events giving but another reason to set your gaze on Monaco this month. 

Meta Entertainment World is a fully immersive live experience that showcases the best tools and technology that are driving the creation of immersive physical and digital experiences. Attendees will see, hear, and feel how entertainment is produced and consumed in the Metaverse by creators and producers from some of the world’s leading Music, TV, Film, Streaming, and Social Media companies. For example, MCity, powered by Touchcast, will deliver a physical and virtual experience that allows users to travel and engage with other users around the world. Tremendous appreciation is also extended to Founding Partners, Space Metaverse, Monaco Asset Management S.A.M., ChainDigger, Prasaga, Blockchain Virtual Valley, and Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority.

The pinnacle of Meta Entertainment World will be the MEWS, honoring the most outstanding creators and companies that have shaped digital culture and impacted society, by developing groundbreaking Web3 applications that support the digital agenda of H.S.H. Prince Albert II and other global leaders. Awards will be presented in the following categories: Pioneer: Sports; Impact; Rising Star; Storyworld; Better World; Music; Innovation; NFT Collection; Community. In celebration of the winners, guests will enjoy an extravagant Gala Dinner prepared by the world-renowned, Michelin star chef, Yannick Alléno in the historic Salle Belle Epoque ballroom of the Hermitage Hotel. 

Subnation will also unveil [email protected], a dynamic, curated NFT gallery that seamlessly blends art and technology to rethink the way we shop. The original Artcade, located at Fred Segal on the famous Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California, attracts influencers, engages consumers, and is reshaping the cultural landscape. [email protected] will be equally as powerful, hosting curated exhibitions that showcase some of the world’s rarest NFT creations alongside cutting-edge contemporary mediums, collectibles, and game-inspired fashion-forward digital couture.

Gutenberg gave us print. It took centuries for our next great form of mass communication to arrive with Graham Bell’s telephone. But soon after was Marconi’s radio, Lumiere’s film, Farnsworth’s television, Berners-Lee’s Internet, and now, the Metaverse. The pace of innovation is accelerating and the Metaverse will be our next great leap. Its pioneers, inventors, and leaders will be celebrated at Meta Entertainment World, and they, in turn, will inspire the next generation. 

Join us in Monaco, May 23-24 and see how the Metaverse will change the way we live, work and play!

About Subnation
Subnation is a media and technology venture studio holding company focused on the intersection of physical experiences and digital worlds. Subnation designs, develops, and invests in creative IP and web3 technologies fueling the Metaverse and disrupting traditional media, entertainment, retail, hospitality, and financial industries. Recognized as global thought leaders, Subnation collaborates with creators, storytellers, technologists, and entrepreneurs to provide market insights and business solutions that not only transform industries, but also drive growth of Subnation’s Owned & Operated platforms, partner projects, and strategic investments.

About Advance
Advance, formed in 2018, is a Monaco-based consultancy specializing in the luxury goods and services sector. Advance consults premium brands on their market entry to Monaco, as well as on their representation in the Principality. There is also an experiential hospitality advisory catering to bespoke events, conferences and thought leadership summits. Advance Principal and Managing Director, Steven Saltzman, has been an entertainment industry executive and global event producer for over twenty-five years.

About Touchcast
Touchcast is the world’s leading enterprise Metaverse company. In 2022 Touchcast launched MCity – the world’s first enterprise Metaverse, where any company can seamlessly deliver powerful communication, collaboration, commerce, and learning experiences. MCity allows companies to migrate current workflows into the Metaverse to support a hybrid work reality, without requiring VR headsets, high-end computers or specialized software. Founded in 2010, Touchcast operates fully remotely with employees in sixteen countries across five continents. They form a global group of like-minded passionate inventors, storytellers, developers, designers and producers who are curious, passionate and live to challenge how humans connect through technology.

For more information, please contact:

Jonathan Singer 
Managing Director 
Subnation Media 
[email protected]

Laurence Genevet 
Public Relations 
Meta Entertainment World 
[email protected]

SOURCE Subnation Media Inc.

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