Tesco is reducing the value of Clubcard points


Tesco is making a change to the value of Clubcard vouchers when you redeem them for rewards in their Partner Store.

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When you shop at Tesco, fill up your vehicle with them or even have Tesco Mobile, you collect Clubcard Points.

As they get saved up, you can either redeem them as cash to spend in store or triple their value and swap them for various rewards such as dining out, cinema trips, and even holidays.

However, from June, Tesco is reducing the value of the points when you redeem them with their Reward Partners.

Lower value of Clubcard Points

Until June 2018, you could quadruple (x4) the value of your Clubcard points, but this was stopped.

Instead, the maximum value you could use to redeem with Reward Partners was triple their value.

So, if you had a £5 Clubcard Voucher, it would be worth £15 to spend in their reward store.

This is changing again.

From 14 June 2023, Tesco Clubcard points will be worth up to x2 instead.

However, when redeeming the points for Tesco Mobile for Tesco Delivery Saver, they will remain at x1 the value.

Tesco has said the reason for the reduction in value is to “continue to provide you with a wide range of exciting rewards whilst keeping our product prices low”.

You still need to have a minimum of 50p worth of points to claim anything from the Reward Partners page.

With 2x the value, 50p of Clubcard points will be worth £1, and £5 in vouchers will be worth £10 to spend in the Partner Store.

The news comes only a week after Boots reduced their Advantage Card Points collection value.

Cash them in quickly

Up until 13 June 2023, the points can still be swapped for up to 3x their value.

If you plan to use them for something, it’s worth taking a look now and cashing them in to get their most overall worth.

With over 100 different Reward Partners, you can still get a lot for your money!

After that date, the Reward Partner store will reduce, and you can only get double the point value.

And, if you know you want to use the points but need to decide exactly what to do, any codes ordered before 13 June will have an expiry date of 12 months rather than six months.

Disney+ may have a different expiry date, so you’d need to check the Partner page to be sure how long the end date is.

Already have a Clubcard Reward Partner Code

If you’ve already redeemed a Partner Code, you can still use it to triple the value until its expiry date.

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

You automatically change your Clubcard Points to Virgin Points if you have opted into the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.

If you get a quarterly statement or change points between statement periods via Request Virgin Points, the change to x2 will come in later.

Instead, the change to x2 will happen for Virgin Points on 21 July 2023 (the last Clubcard Points collection date in August).

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