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© Reuters Swedish union offers pay to Tesla (TSLA) employees willing to join strike

Swedish trade union, IF Metall is offering Tesla (NASDAQ:) Sweden employees compensation to encourage their participation in the union’s ongoing strike.

Entering its third week, the Tesla Sweden strike has garnered considerable backing from prominent national organizations. However, it has not yet gained substantial support from the individuals most impacted: Tesla employees.

IF Metall’s proposition involves compensating Tesla Sweden employees to join its strike against the Texas-based corporation. The union is offering the auto workers more than 130% of their salary to join.

The strike at Tesla Sweden began when IF Metall issued a strike notice due to the company’s refusal to sign a collective agreement. Collective agreements are essential tools used by unions and employers to establish work conditions, such as wages, pensions, working hours, and vacations.

IF Metall argues that Tesla Sweden’s collective agreement would guarantee employees better and safer working conditions. The head of collective agreements at the union explained that the disagreement between IF Metall and Tesla revolved around employee wages, pensions, and insurance.

Tesla Sweden countered by claiming it already offers better agreements to its employees compared to what the unions propose.

The union notified Tesla about an upcoming strike scheduled for Friday, October 27, involving mechanics. However, the strike day passed without any participation from Tesla employees.

Shares of TSLA are up 5.22% in afternoon trading on Tuesday.

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