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RBC’s takeover of HSBC: What will happen to HSBC Canada customers?


Although the transition will be largely managed internally by RBC, current HSBC customers might have questions about what’s coming up in the next two months. In this article, we’ll walk you through what to expect. 

What will happen to HSBC Canada customers? 

During the transition, most changes will be automatic, so HSBC customers can continue to bank as they normally would. Customers should look in the mail for a product and services guide, called Welcome to RBC, and keep it around during the transition as it contains reference information and links. Below we’ve outlined what is expected to happen with HSBC accounts, loans and investments. 

Personal banking

What’s happening: RBC will identify suitable bank accounts for HSBC customers based on the features of their current accounts and will send new RBC debit cards in the mail. Customers without an HSBC chequing or savings account will receive an RBC client card number. Expect to receive your cards or client card number by the end of February 2024. 

What to do: Continue to use your HSBC card until the transition to RBC is complete. In the meantime, use your new RBC card or client number to enroll in RBC online banking or the RBC app. You can activate your debit card online. This will ensure that you have access to your RBC accounts once the transition is complete.

Note: Your historical account information will migrate to RBC but you can also download it from HSBC to have it on hand. For more information, refer to Section 2 of your welcome package.

Credit cards 

What’s happening: As with your personal bank accounts, RBC will identify which RBC credit cards to offer you based on the features of your current HSBC credit cards, and the bank will mail them to you by the end of March 2024. Your personal credit limits and balances will be the same as they were with HSBC. Any insurance coverages and services you had through HSBC, however, will come to an end and be replaced with those offered by RBC, if applicable. 

What to do: Activate your credit cards online right away, but also carry your HSBC cards until your RBC cards are ready to use. Find out more about credit cards in Section 5 of the welcome guide or by visiting RBC’s website

Mortgages and other loans

What’s happening: All HSBC lending products, including lines of credit, loans and mortgages will migrate to RBC at the end of March 2024. The terms of your mortgage agreement, including the interest rate, term, payment amount and frequency, amortization, portability and pre-payment privileges will remain the same until your current term ends. 

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