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The recent turbulence across the crypto space has impacted not just the industry at large, but conventional financial markets, too.

It’s important to note however that crypto has always moved in cycles. And as we prepare for the next peak, we’ve been reflecting on why Blockchain.com started this journey over a decade ago, how we put the user at the heart of what we do, and why Blockchain.com continues to offer non-custodial solutions

To begin to unpack this, let’s start at the beginning:

Blockchain.com’s humble start began in 2011 as an open-source project operating out of a small apartment in York, England.

Three individuals believed passionately about impact of crypto, and shared the same vision:

The initial starting point was simple: make Bitcoin transactions and the Bitcoin economy easier to understand and use.

The team initially developed Blockchain.com’s block explorer, Bitcoin wallet, and API platform.

We’ve since grown into a global brand that has enabled over $1 trillion in crypto transactions.

With offices now all over the world, we’ve come a long way.

But our mission still remains the same: Make it easy for anyone, anywhere to access the world of crypto.

In a decade, we believe the internet will be home to the largest financial system in the world.

Until then, we are dedicated to help onboard and support customers all around the world to access inclusive financial services.

And it’s feedback like this that motivates us to keep going, (even in the down times):

“Blockchain is the most reliable form of Crypto Wallet and is backed by the Blockchain rather than held in exchanges so your funds are not locked up.” Blockchain.com User via NPS

“I’ve used this service for years, but after my country (Ukraine) was attacked, having access to cryptocurrency became my primary concern. I am so thankful to Blockchain for making it free for Ukrainians to deposit money and buy crypto. Thank you so much for supporting Ukraine in these dire times.” Blockchain.com User via NPS

“I find Blockchain.com very secure and the support team very active. They have a choice of wallets, too.” Blockchain.com User via NPS

If you haven’t already, set up a Private Key Wallet (non-custodial) today at Blockchain.com.

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