NFTICALLY Partners with Dragon Gateway to Create Promising Virtual Gallery


NFTICALLY Partners with Dragon Gateway to Create Promising Virtual Gallery

NFTICALLY is partnering with Dragon Gateway to enable the UK Parliament to showcase its digital art through a customizable gallery. This collaboration will lead to the launch of a virtual gallery for promoting culture and English art in the digital domain and will result in a partnership with Dragon Gateway. This association is an addon/feature to our current portfolio, where we have successfully launched galleries comprising 15,000 Digital Artworks. 

With this collaboration, we are here to equip Dragon Gateway with the following: 

  1. Technology Support: As a web3 enterprise, we enable Dragon Gateway to create a virtual gallery of NFT artworks. Utilizing the NFTICALLY marketplace, the Dragon Gateway helps digital artists can earn royalties each time the selling takes place. Lastly, this collaboration benefits Dragon Gateway to create, expand and optimize web3 projects and enable public and private companies to address the fast pace changing trends. 
  2. Marketing Push: This collaboration effectively attracts customers and generates a proper value proposition. This creates awareness and meets the requirements at the right time. Moreover, the diverse offerings can also add value to make a better choice and take informed decisions before making the final purchase.
  3. Perpetual business growth: The advent of web3 is helping brands globally to be faster in communication, better in customer services, interactive in market segmentation, and lots more. Similarly, NFTICALLY reduces the gap between creating NFT-based artworks and the time to market those for prospective customers to purchase them. 
  4. Authentic Creation: In today’s fast-paced world, people are primarily concerned with making revenues rather than with acknowledging the creators of services/products. But with NFTICALLY, Dragon Gateway can help the artists to claim legal ownership via availing digital certificates or verifying through blockchain explorers.  


Being a group of business executives and blockchain developers, we work towards solving real-world issues using web3 features and functionalities. Our prime objective is to deliver purpose-driven and outcome-oriented results for businesses across industries so that they can transform their workflows and become market adaptable faster. Being passionate about NFTs, we constantly strive to bring in changes globally via proof of copyright, proof of existence, and proof of ownership. 

About Dragon Gateway: 

An International Advisory Consortium, the Dragon Gateway provides diverse solutions for digital transformation and exponential growth for businesses across industries. This enables present-day enterprises and economies to enter the 4th stage of the Industrial Revolution. Additionally, this entity facilitates public and private organizations to optimize, create and expand web3 projects per the market’s varying tastes and preferences. 

Are you looking for Web3 solutions to showcase your creations or boost your brand’s credibility? Feel free to consult our solution experts and make dreams a reality. We are open to more such collaborations to help enterprises experience the web3 ecosystem and devise problem skills to create trends and establish benchmarks.

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