Janet Gray advice-only Financial Planner


Services • Business cash flow planning
• Financial planning
• Pre-retirement planning
• Retirement & pension planning
Specializations • Business owners/ self-employed
• Professionals
• Pensioned employees
• Retirees
Payment Model • Fees paid by clients for advice
(not based on assets)
Languages written and spoken • English

Meet Janet Gray

Why she became a Financial Planner

In many ways I have given advice all my life. I am the oldest sibling and it seems to come naturally to me because I love to help people.

Her investment philosophy

First clarify the desired goal/outcome, then the ‘job’ of the investment will be revealed. If the job is short term, then choose a short or medium term investment (cash or fixed income). If it’s long term, then choose a long term investment like equities. Be prudent, diversify and obtain professional help at a reasonable and understood fee.

Her proudest achievement as a Financial Planner

After working with clients for a few decades, I have had many of them tell me that I have helped to decrease their stress levels and made them feel more confident about their future—which is awesome to hear. Sometimes it’s the little things that help people.  

A client success story

It’s great when I work with clients close to retirement and I can suggest that they can retire at an earlier date. Or dream bigger than they first thought.

What if money were no object?

I can see myself still doing this in some form. Maybe more on a volunteer level. Financial literacy is an essential life skill and it’s sadly not taught as much as it should be.

The best money advice she ever received

Live within your means.

The worst money advice she ever received

I think the worst advice is any generalized advice given without knowing all you can about a client. Any advice should be given with consideration for the client’s goals, starting point and motivation in mind.

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