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Get my courses for just $5!! (Ends tomorrow!)


Did you see? Today is Day 2 of the ️3-Day Last Chance Sale on some of our most well-loved products from over the years!

Last Chance Sale: All the Products Included!

There are 12 products offered in this sale and 11 of them are just $5 (regularly $17-$37)! This sale includes:

Yes, these are CRAZY LOW prices, but I wanted as many people as possible to be able to grab these before they are gone, even if you are on a super tight budget!

Whether you are wanting to be more organized with your time, set up better routines, cut your grocery bill, start a blog, be successful on live video, or make a part-time to full-time income from blogging, there’s very likely a product in this sale that will be super helpful to you!

Build Your Own Bundle!

Since there are 12 different products in the sale, we thought about creating different bundles, but then we realized that everyone needs different things, so we set it up to make it really easy for you to build your own bundle of products that would serve you — for the lowest prices you’ll ever see!

If you’ve had your eye on something like our sanity-saving Make Over Your Mornings Course — today is the day! This course has helped over 20,000 women stop waking up feeling behind and overwhelmed and start setting their whole day up for success with just a few simple changes!

Make Over Your Mornings is usually $17 but today it’s only $5 (and Make Over Your Evenings is only $5, too!).

Or, maybe you’ve always kind of thought Slash Your Grocery Bill might be exactly what you need to help you finally figure out how to spend less on groceries (and not just this week — forever!).

Well, no time to waste. Slash Your Grocery Bill has already helped thousands and thousands of people save money on their grocery bills! It is usually $17, but today you can but today you can grab it for just $5!

>>Go Build Your Bundle at these amazing prices while you still can!<<

Answering Your Questions

A number of you have had questions about the sale and I wanted to answer those for you below! (Psst! Have any other questions before purchasing? Just drop them in a comment on this post and I’ll answer them asap.)

How long will we be able to access these products for?

You will have lifetime access! We have zero plans to ever remove your access to them. We are just no longer going to be selling them since we need to make room for new products we have coming this year!

Can I go through the courses one at a time?

Yes! If you buy multiple courses (and at $5 each, many people are buying multiple courses!), you can choose when and how you go through them since you’ll have lifetime access! I’d recommend just going through one at a time.

Is blogging still a way to make good money or is it kind of dead?

Blogging has changed in the last 5-10 years, but it is still our primary source of income. And I know many others who are making a part-time, full-time, or more than full-time income from blogging!

Are the blogging courses still up-to-date?

While there are some things in the courses that aren’t fully up-to-date as things constantly change, the core pieces of information to help you get started and be successful are all there. I’d say the course that has a few parts that aren’t fully up-to-date is WordPress 101. But the others are still packed with a lot of timeless information and for $5 each, it’s a STEAL!!

What if I already purchased products from you in the past? Will I lose access to those since you won’t be selling these after this week?

No, you’ll still have lifetime access! Nothing is changing on the backend of our products. We just will no longer be selling them!

Once-In-A-Lifetime Sale (Truly!)

Like I mentioned yesterday, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime sale, because we’ve never had these products this low in price and they’ll never be on sale ever again!

This is your ️Last Chance️ to ever get a deal on these products!

And you can buy as many products in the sale as you’d like — all for just $5 each! Plus, you can learn all my secrets to how I’ve been making a full-time income online for years in my Monetize Your Blog course… and it’s just $15!!!

Now’s your chance – If there’s something you’ve had your eye on or if there’s something you just know could really help you and your family right now, go shop our  ️3-Day Last Chance Sale️!

>>Go shop this sale and get some GREAT deals while you can!<<

I am so grateful for each and every one of you and hope that this sale blesses you in the way you’ve blessed me over the years!

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