Eviction Moratorium: Hidden OPPORTUNITY For Investors.


Eviction Moratorium: Hidden OPPORTUNITY For Investors. The eviction moratorium has been a major issue in the real estate investing world. It’s big enough to really drive away some current property owners, forcing them to sell their properties to avoid the headache that the eviction moratorium has introduced into their lives. “One man’s trash may be another man’s treasure”. And with that, there are currently and soon to be, A LOT of opportunity, especially with motivated landlords who are looking to sell ASAP, so in this video, we talk about what to look for when looking to get into real estate using the eviction moratorium to your advantage!

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0:00 Intro
1:43 What can we do as real estate investors
2:25 First strategy to take advantage of the eviction moratorium
4:08 Second strategy to take advantage of the eviction moratorium
7:13 Third strategy to take advantage of the eviction moratorium
9:20 Resources to help know more about these strategies
10:10 Final thoughts

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