Dr. Bomkus’ Awaited Trails on The Sandbox Takes Off Today


The iconic scientist, Dr. Bomkus, is powering up his latest experiment, pioneering the next level of immersive game experiences on The Sandbox today at 2 pm (UTC) until December 6. 

Everyone with a Sandbox account is invited to partake in a sequence of six time-sensitive trials with unique worlds. Only holders of Bomkus Passes, however, can join the game’s competitive Leaderboards to vie for prizes, including Crystals — exchangeable for $SAND and sought-after NFTs — and entry into the prize pool of a collective 195,000 $SAND.

But watch out for Dr. Bomkus! Despite being the event’s host, he’s a master of drama and trickery in the Metaverse. Acting as both an ally and antagonist, his place in The Sandbox cosmos is undeniable! 

Navigating Dr. Bomkus’ Virtual World

As Dr. Bomkus’ ecosystem expands, more significant sacrifices yield grander prizes for the highest 1000 scorers on the Leaderboards. For each six boards, the prizes are distributed as follows: rank 1 receives 1 Crystal, ranks 2-10 earn 5,000 $SAND, ranks 11-500 get $200 SAND, and ranks 501-1000 are prized 100 $SAND. 

Crystals are used to power up Dr. Bomkus’ Vault, with each color associated with one of the six trials, including ‘Yellow: Hangar Games’, ‘Cyan: Royal Flushed’, ‘Black: Temple of Dum-Dum’, ‘Blue: deadmau5 by Bomkus’, ‘Purple: Lab Rats’ and ‘Green: Funny Fall’.

Notably, numerous avenues are available for gamers wanting to break into the top ranks: exchange LAND for two Bomkus Passes, a single Avatar to collect one, or explore the thriving secondary market to purchase one. 

The event is also explorable without a Bomkus Pass. Participants, however, won’t rank on the Leaderboards. Whether seasoned competitors on The Sandbox or curious newbies, everyone is welcome to immerse themselves in the magic of Dr. Bomkus, challenge their limits, and possibly claim treasures beyond imagination. Dive in! 

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