Dodging Russian bullets in Ukraine's freezing trenches


In the freezing, muddy trenches of the Ukrainian front lines – the scenes are reminiscent of the first world war.


A bitter fight between Russia and Ukraine for every inch of territory – with troops under almost constant fire.

The Russians remain in control of the city of Donetsk in the illegally annexed Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.

But fighting continues to the west of the city as Ukrainian forces defend positions to prevent Russian advances.

Our international editor Lindsey Hilsum travelled to the Ukranian forward positions to the east of the strategic town of Krasnohorivka just a few kilometres west of Donetsk and spent the day with the 79th Air Assault brigade, who are digging in for a long, cold winter

She joins us now from the city of Kramatorsk, which has been hit repeatedly by Russian missiles in recent days.

Producer: Rob Hodge
Camera: Josh Ho
Ukrainian journalist: Maksym Drabok
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