Dirty Secret Behind Elon Musk's Money


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Elon’s finances were just exposed in front of the entire world.

Leaked documents have revealed the truth about Elon and his companies. People often say Elon doesn’t pay taxes. Or Tesla survives on government money. Or SpaceX is not profitable. So is this true? I read the documents to find out.

Here are the top 3 things we’ve learned about Elon’s money. And the last one surprised me.

3. SpaceX has saved US taxpayers more than $40 billion dollars. So SpaceX created reusable rockets in 2016. It decreased the cost of launching by 85%. Meaning for every satellite the US military use to launch, they can now launch 7.

2. To survive, Tesla borrowed half a billion dollars from the US government. And in 2013, Tesla had to pay a penalty. Because Tesla paid the loan back, with interest, 9 years early.

1. Elon Musk only paid $11 billion dollars in taxes last year. It’s the most taxes paid by anyone, ever. But it’s only equal to the tax bill of half a million average Americans. So,








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