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Communities shape how people interact, and the crypto community is no exception.

During “all time highs” sentiment rises. When we dip, the collective sentiment falls.

What remains is the underlying technology.

Over the past year, we’ve spoken with community members from various sectors on how they’re using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology on the Podcast.

Save the Children started accepting Bitcoin donations back in 2013, making them the first major charity to do so.

Ettore Rossetti, Lead Advisor of digital, marketing, and innovation at Save the Children, spoke to us about the incredibly important role of gifting cryptocurrency.

He explained, “The scope of need for children is greater than ever before, the decision was are we willing to take some calculated risk to potentially help more children in need and the answer was yes. And that’s why we accept bitcoin and crypto currencies.”

Founder of Proof of Learn, a web3 education platform, Sheila Lirio Marcelo unlocks accessible high-quality education using a learn-to-earn protocol that is operated on the blockchain.

Learn-to-earn shares rewards with users who engage with new concepts, taking the conventional “rewards system” used in schools to the next level.

Sheila shared that she “created Proof of Learn to leverage the power of blockchain by accrediting education on the blockchain. Web3 allows for greater accessibility and meritocracy of education across the globe.”

Creative industries are undergoing a renaissance of how artists can monetize their work as

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have opened up an additional revenue stream for many creators.

For artist Pplpleasr, selling her art as NFTs has offered more than monetary and investment rewards, it’s exposed her to a community of like-minded creators who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

“By having that chain of providence to verify legitimacy,” said Pplpleasr. “I believe the true value of the technology of NFTs expands beyond art to everything that we own in the physical or digital realm.”

As the intersection of blockchain technology and art continues to widen, artist and musician Tom Furse explains that there is still huge demand for better financial systems in the music industry and can see particular value in the use of smart contracts, saying,

“As the metaverse starts to take off, it’s quite easy to imagine gigs happening in the metaverse as well as merchandise being sold as digital items.”

Evident from the spectrum of industries above is community, and the power of forming groups to accomplish more than we could alone.

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