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Supermarkets are battling to bring us the cheapest way to eat this Christmas. We look at where you can get the cheapest Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

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There is always a price war among supermarkets, and it’s no different at Christmas time.

You can usually find mega cheap Christmas vegetables in the last week before the 25th, and this time they are selling a full meal deal offer.

Many supermarkets have reduced prices or created a meal to give you the most competitive prices.

Here are the details of the budget Christmas dinners, from £3.75 a head.

Cheap Christmas dinner

Heron Foods

Price: £15 for 4 people / £3.75 a head

The discount frozen food retailer can get you fed on Christmas Day for £15.

Individually the eight items would cost £20.56, but they’ve been discounted as part of a meal deal.

As part of their meal deal, you get:

  • The Best Buy Turkey Joint with Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing 900g
  • The Best Buy Roasted Root Vegetables 500g
  • Cauliflower Cheese 325g
  • Aunt Bessie’s Duck Far Roast Potatoes 700g
  • Aunt Bessie’s 4 Spectacular Yorkshires 220g
  • 12 Pigs in Blankets 240g
  • The Best Buy Brussels Sprouts With Bacon 500g
  • The Best Buy Chantenay Carrots With Butter 500g

Products and prices are subject to change.

Heron Foods Christmas dinner deal
Heron Foods banner in store window


Price: £28 for 8 people / £3.50 a head

Iceland’s meal deal is an online exclusive.

You pick from one main and can mix and match five different sides.

The deal price will feed up to eight people, but it is only available until 2 December 2022.

You can pick from:

  • Choose one Joint
    • Turkey Crown 2.2kg
    • Whole Leg of Lamb 1.8kg
    • Aberdeen Angus Beef Rump Joint 1kg
  • Choose 5 Sides
    • 12 pigs in blankets
    • Aunt Bessie’s 12 Yorkshires
    • Minted Petit Pois
    • Carrots, Broccoli and Peas Mix
    • Carrot Baubles with Parsley and Chive Butter
    • Aunt Bessie’s Fluffy & Buttery Mashed Potato
    • Chunky Roasting Vegetables
    • Aunt Bessie’s Honey Glazed Parsnips
    • Crispy Roast Potatoes
    • Double Butter Mash
    • Brussels Sprouts Loaded With Bacon
    • Red Cabbage and Apple
    • Brussels Sprouts Loaded with Whole Chestnuts
    • Beef Gravy
    • Turkey Gravy

Not sure if your closest store will be closed over the holidays? Find out the Christmas opening hours.


Price: £22.30 for 6 people / £3.72 a head

Aldi’s Christmas dinner selection of eighter items has been designed for 6 people.

It’s a not a meal deal, so you can pick or choose what you’d prefer.

Pick up from the freezer aisle:

  • Oakhurst Small British Turkey Crown 1.5-1.9kg – £13.99
  • Just Like Grandma’s Golden Yorkshire Puddings 12 – £0.79
  • Four Seasons British Garden Peas 900g – £0.75
  • Four Seasons Slices Carrots 1kg – £1.09
  • Four Seasons Brussels Sprouts 1kg – £1.09
  • Let’s Party Pigs in Blankets 12 pack – £1.99
  • Champion Crispy & Fluffy Roast Potatoes 1kg – £0.95
  • Four Seasons Honey Glazed Parsnips 600g – £1.65


Price: £25 for one course for 5 people / £5 a head

Or: £34.25 for a four course meal for 5 people

Poundland is offering a Christmas dinner for a family of five at £5 per head.

The meal deal will be available in 500 stores and includes both chilled and frozen foods.

For £25 you get:

  • 2kg turkey crown
  • Roast potatoes
  • Stuffing
  • Pigs in blankets
  • Gravy
  • Selection of vegetables, including:
    • Parsnips
    • Carrots
    • Brussels Sprouts

If you wanted to get a four course meal, they also have an offering for £34.25.

As well as the main course food above, you also get a prawn cocktail starter, desserts (pick from black forest gateau, millionaire cheesecake or Bailey’s profiteroles, plus a selection of cheeses.

Poundland commercial director, Tim Bettley said: “This is no cracker joke – for the first time we’re making sure millions of our shoppers can buy their Christmas dinner at Poundland.”

“Hundreds of our stores now have chilled and frozen food with stores now also offering fresh fruit and vegetables. And in more and more places across the UK, we’re offering an alternative to the big supermarkets, whether it’s for everyday meals or the special ones like Christmas Day.”


Price: £23.65 for 5 people (£24.05 without a Clubcard) for 5 people / £4.73 a head

For less than £25 you can get a Christmas dinner at Tesco.

It’s all from the freezer section, and you get:

  • 1.5kg turkey crown – £14.00
  • 800g roast potatoes – £0.71
  • 20 pigs in blankets – £3.20 with Clubcard Prices until 12/12/22 (otherwise £3.60)
  • Yorkshire puddings – £0.50
  • Parsnips – £1.60
  • Garden peas £1.25
  • Brussels Sprouts – £1.30
  • Carrots – £1.09

If you’re shopping online, the turkeys are available for delivery for collection after 14 December.

Find out more about Christmas delivery slots.


Price: £21.48 for 5 people / £4.30 a head

At Asda, you can get your Xmas dinner for less than £22.

Their Christmas dinner shopping list includes:

  • Asda Basted Small British Turkey, Frozen (approx. 2.6kg) – £13.50
  • Asda Frozen for Freshness Sliced Carrots (1kg) – £1.10
  • Asda Frozen for Freshness Garden Peas (1kg) – £1.25
  • Asda Party Pigs in Blankets, Frozen (12pk) – £2.50
  • Asda Crispy Roast Potatoes, Frozen (800g) – £0.88
  • Asda Frozen for Freshness Brussels Sprouts (1kg) – £1.25
  • Asda Frozen Yorkshire Puddings, (12pk) – £1.00

Until 27 November, Asda Reward App loyalty users could earn £1.50 in their cash pot when they spend £20 on selected frozen Christmas dinner essentials. You don’t need to spend £20 in one transaction but can add your show as part of a “mission”.

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