Blockware Solutions 2023 Bitcoin Forecast – Bitcoin Magazine


Blockware Intelligence, the research arm of Blockware Solutions, has released its 2023 forecast, which indicated, among other things, that the bitcoin price bottom could be in soon.

The report included a larger macroeconomic overview and forecast, alongside bitcoin’s response as well as on-chain indicators that suggest potential future movements. Short-term holder realized price (STH RP), as indicated by the report, is a more volatile, quick-to-move metric determined by the price of coins moved during a certain period, while long-term holder realized price (LTH RP) is a less volatile, more sticky metric determined by the price of coins held that have been unmoved for longer periods. When price dips below LTH RP, meaning that most long-term holders are underwater, it often coincides with previous bear market lows. The report suggests that the price of bitcoin is likely to flip both LTH RP and STH RP, which it is currently under, which could signal the low of the bear market.

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