Balancer warns some LPs to remove liquidity ASAP because of a ‘related issue’


In a Jan. 6 tweet, DeFi protocol Balancer warned certain liquidity providers to remove their LPs “ASAP” due to an ongoing issue related to some of the service’s pools. Some pools have had their fees set to zero by the balancer emergency multisig, but the team indicated that not all effects of the still unknown issue could be mitigated in this way.

Balancer listed the pools that need to be withdrawn include DOLA / bb-a-USD on Ethereum, It’s MAI life and SmellsLike Spartan Spirit on Optimism, and Tenacious Dollar on Fantom.

At 2:03 a.m. UTC on January 6, Balancer took to Twitter to announce an “issue” with liquidity pools on the platform. It stated that protocol fees have been set to zero to mitigate the issue. The company said that the issue “will be publicly disclosed in the near future.”

This story is ongoing, and will be updated as more information comes in.